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  • Apple tablet: For video, not books?

    Chatting with a Canadian analyst, Cupertino execs offer hints about Apple's future plans

    Apple executives (AAPL) have strict rules about not discussing products that the company has not announced. But they'll talk about market opportunities, as three of them did on Thursday at a special event for RBC Capital. And sometimes that's enough to discern what direction the company is heading.

    In a report to clients issued Friday, RBC's Mike Abramsky ticks MORE

    - Oct 30, 2009 8:16 AM ET
  • Windows 7 student upgrade hell

    Microsoft's big launch, it turns out, was not entirely trouble-free

    College students who took advantage of a "deal too sweet to pass up" have run into a bit of trouble.

    The $29 electronic version of Windows 7 Home Edition sold for Microsoft (MSFT) through Digital River (DRIV) doesn't seem to install properly on some 32-bit Vista machines.

    Apparently the download files weren't properly packaged and when some users tried to "unload the MORE

    - Oct 24, 2009 8:03 AM ET
  • Mac vs. Windows 7: Four new videos

    Celebrating Microsoft's big day with a store opening and three new Get-a-Mac ads

    In the long running battle between Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT), Thursday was a huge win for the boys from Redmond.

    Windows 7 launched without a visible hitch and generated more positive reviews than we could count (a Google News search turned up 3,281, but we haven't read them all.)

    Meanwhile, in Scottsdale, Ariz., the opening of the first Microsoft MORE

    - Oct 23, 2009 6:47 AM ET
  • Techmate: Windows 7 launch, and a moment with Dr. Dre [video]

    (AAPL) (HPQ) (MSFT) (DELL)

    - Oct 22, 2009 4:08 PM ET
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  • Russia, Cuba keen on Windows 7

    Guess which countries are watching today's launch most closely?

    Here's a curious geographical phenomenon that emerged from a Google Insights search at 5 a.m. EDT Thursday morning -- the day Microsoft (MSFT) was scheduled to launch the successor to Windows XP and Vista.

    In the bar graph that displayed which regions were conducting the most searches per capita on the term "Windows 7," the top 10 were as follows:

    Russian Federation
    Sri Lanka
    Czech Republic
    Hong MORE

    - Oct 22, 2009 5:58 AM ET
  • Microsoft vs. Europe: Possible truce, with Windows 7

    By Peter Gumbel

    Microsoft's titanic struggle with Europe's trust busters appears to be finally drawing to a close -- thanks in part to Windows 7, the new operating system the U.S. software giant is releasing worldwide this week.

    The two sides have been at loggerheads for a decade over the European Union's allegations that Microsoft has abused its dominant market position to push its own products such as Windows Media Player and MORE

    Oct 21, 2009 11:05 AM ET
  • Techmate: Apple amazes [video]


    (AAPL) (MSFT)

    - Oct 20, 2009 12:27 PM ET
  • Windows 7, like it or not

    Four ways Microsoft will make it increasingly difficult to stick with Windows XP

    When Microsoft (MSFT) launches Windows 7 next week, its biggest competitor -- especially in the multi-user enterprises that are its target market -- will not be Linux or Apple's (AAPL) Mac OS X, but Windows XP.

    Eight years after its launch, and nearly three years after Microsoft began shipping Windows Vista (its putative successor), XP is still the operating MORE

    - Oct 16, 2009 7:05 AM ET
  • Are operating systems a dying breed?

    As the launch of Windows 7 approaches, one executive ponders the relevance of the OS.

    By Richard Muirhead, chairman and CEO, Tideway Systems

    The perception is that operating systems are dying. In truth, they are evolving.

    For years we've witnessed wars waged among major operating system vendors, with computer purchases hanging in the balance. Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows was a household name for people who didn't know what an operating system was, its popularity MORE

    Oct 15, 2009 11:00 AM ET
  • Study: Unlike Vista, Windows 7 is ready for business

    Rewind three years. One of the harbingers of doom for Windows Vista, Microsoft's much-maligned operating system, was a survey that showed half of corporate PCs were too old or anemic to upgrade from XP to Vista. In other words, to get the new software, companies would have to spend a fortune on new computers.

    Most never made the upgrade: 92% of PCs in the United States and Canada are still running MORE

    - Oct 15, 2009 10:00 AM ET
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