Vincent Paquet

Google is killing the voice plan

March 8, 2011: 11:34 AM ET

By turning Google Voice into a true VoIP option, Google makes your phone company's expensive voice plans completely optional.

Today different websites are claiming that you can now connect to Google (GOOG) Voice through an industry standard set of Voice over IP (VoIP) standards called SIP.  What this means in layman's terms is that you'll soon be able to connect to your Google Voice account in mostly the same way that you use your "phone" application on a smartphone.  Other VoIP providers like Skype also offer this type of functionality but aren't built into Android devices like Voice is.

Android 2.3 has native support for SIP, though it isn't a fully capable client, yet.  You can still make and receive calls.

There are two additional roadblocks for Google Voice before users can totally throw their voice plans out, however. More

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