• Why Amazon should make a videogame console

    The Seattle tech giant's latest acquisition makes perfect sense.

    FORTUNE -- For Amazon, launching a videogame console may be inevitable.

    Last week, Amazon (AMZN) revealed it had acquired Double Helix. The Irvine, Calif.-based gaming company of 75 or so employees was founded in 2007, the result of two developers that developed software titles in the 1990s like Earthworm Jim and much more recently, the one-on-one brawler, Killer Instinct. The Double Helix acquisition comes on MORE

    - Feb 12, 2014 5:00 AM ET
  • Is it game over for Nintendo?

    Critical business decisions made by the videogame king in years past have come to haunt its future business prospects.

    By Peter Suciu

    FORTUNE -- Nearly 30 years ago, Nintendo essentially gave the videogame industry a new life, and a second chance. In 1985, when the original Nintendo Entertainment System debuted at the North American International Toy Fair, no one even wanted to think about videogames after the great crash that saw MORE

    Feb 11, 2014 4:35 AM ET
  • 3 radical moves Nintendo must do to survive

    Shelve the Wii U, plow ahead with mobile, and more.

    FORTUNE -- If Nintendo (NTDOF) isn't desperate by now, it should be.

    The hallowed videogame hardware and software maker is estimating a net loss of $240 million for the fiscal year ending March 2014, largely based on poor sales of its current home console, the Wii U.  It slashed Wii U sales estimates from 9 million units to 2.8 million and lowered MORE

    - Feb 5, 2014 5:00 AM ET
  • Madden Bowl XX celebrates $4-billion videogame franchise

    EA Sports lets NFL stars play as themselves in Xbox One tournament during Super Bowl week.

    By John Gaudiosi

    FORTUNE -- There was a big game being played in New York, although it wasn't on Super Bowl Sunday. At Pier 86 on Jan. 30, Electronic Arts celebrated the 25th Anniversary of its $4 billion videogame franchise, Madden NFL 25, at Madden Bowl XX, the annual videogame tournament and Super Bowl party MORE

    Jan 31, 2014 1:58 PM ET
  • GameStop: Up, up, down down, and down, and down ...

    With more people playing mobile gaming and a lowered earnings outlook for the year, is the retailer bound for the same fate as Blockbuster or Circuit City?

    FORTUNE – How much trouble is GameStop (GME) in?

    On Monday, the Grapevine, Texas-based video game retailer trimmed its previously light earnings forecast for the latest quarter -- a period that includes the last holiday season -- after witnessing an unexpected decline in software sales MORE

    - Jan 16, 2014 3:43 PM ET
  • EA founder Trip Hawkins's latest chapter: Education

    After launching Electronic Arts and mobile publisher Digital Chocolate, Hawkins is using videogames to prevent bullying with his startup, If You Can Company.

    By John Gaudiosi

    FORTUNE -- Trip Hawkins has always been ahead of the game. Back when gaming wasn't a mainstream business, he designed his own major in Strategy and Applied Game Theory at Harvard. Hawkins left the safe confines of Apple Computer (AAPL) in 1982, where he worked with MORE

    Jan 3, 2014 5:00 AM ET
  • Indie videogaming means business

    Online distribution means the little guys can compete with the major studios, and some big players are starting to take notice.

    By Melissa Locker

    FORTUNE -- There's no denying that videogames are big business. Grand Theft Auto V sold $800 million in one day, helping it hit $1 billion in sales faster than the fastest-grossing videogame ever.

    But major league hits like GTA are not the only game in town. The MORE

    Dec 12, 2013 2:43 PM ET
  • Slash gets in the (video) game

    The former Guns N' Roses guitarist's new game takes the "useless" skill of Guitar Hero and turns it into a way to learn guitar.

    By John Gaudiosi

    FORTUNE -- Saul Hudson is better known to millions of rock fans as Slash. And to a younger generation of gamers, the former Guns N' Roses lead guitarist is known for his work on Activision's (ATVI) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock back in 2009 and MORE

    Dec 12, 2013 5:00 AM ET
  • Mojang expands its Minecraft virtual empire brick by brick

    The Swedish game company on what's ahead, and why there will never be a Minecraft 2.

    By John Gaudiosi

    FORTUNE -- Despite investing millions of dollars into LEGO Universe and attracting over 2 million players, the Danish LEGO Group couldn't find a way to generate revenue from a virtual online brick videogame. But a small Swedish game studio, Mojang, has seen nothing but profits from its open world independent game, Minecraft. MORE

    Nov 12, 2013 5:00 AM ET
  • Wargaming sets its sights on global domination

    The Belarus-based gaming developer is moving from PCs to consoles to grab more of the U.S. market.

    By John Gaudiosi

    FORTUNE -- Just over 15 years ago, Minsk, Belarus-based game developer Wargaming launched with a focus on hardcore turn-based and real-time strategy PC games like DBA Online, Order of War, and the Massive Assault series. By 2008, the company saw publishers shy away from these genres amidst shrinking retail space. At MORE

    Sep 25, 2013 9:00 AM ET
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