Verizon readies its VCast Android App Store

November 4, 2010: 3:14 PM ET

There is a lot happening next week in Android-land, but the biggest impact may come from the biggest U.S. carrier.

from Verizon, click to enlarge

Along with the Samsung Continuum and possibly a new Nexus Two, Verizon (VZ) is going to release its Android App Store next week. Or at least that's what a note says on its website:

"Verizon Wireless will begin pushing a software update to the DROID Incredible next week. The update includes software enhancements that will pre-install V CAST Apps on the phone. We said earlier this year that we'd be expanding V CAST Apps to the Android platform, and the DROID Incredible is the first Android phone with the store. Developers continue to submit apps, and as a reminder, V CAST Apps allows carrier billing, so customers who purchase applications through our store will see those charges on their monthly bill. For more information about the update customers can go to"

I'm wondering if it makes sense to do the update.  Sure, Incredible users will get faster Wifi and 720P recording and a few other enhancements, but they also get a bunch of irremovable apps and an App store which they have no control over. More

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    Verizon is said to be building a rival Android market that will supplant Google's own.

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    - Sep 14, 2010 10:46 AM ET
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