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'TV everywhere' in U.S. plays mostly (54%) on Apple devices

March 17, 2014: 12:14 PM ET

Adobe counted 574 million events streamed last quarter, up from 223 million a year earlier.

Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

FORTUNE -- Apple (AAPL) dominates "TV everywhere" -- a buzzword coined by Time Warner Cable in 2009 to describe the "authenticated streaming" concept pioneered a few years earlier by ESPN.

The pitch to viewers is simple: Pay your monthly cable or satellite TV bill, and we'll let you watch our content on just about any device that has a screen and a connection to the Internet.

In a chart-packed publication issued Monday, the folks at Adobe (ADBE) Digital Index reported that 47% of legally streamed TV shows last quarter were watched on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Add the 7% viewed on a Mac, and Apple's share of the total streamed video market in Q4 2013 rises to 54%.

More details from Adobe:

TV Everywhere Stream Play Requests by OS/Device

Note that the data are for the U.S. only; China is not included. Nor, apparently, is Apple TV.

Below: A Business Insider chart from last summer that puts the latest findings in context.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.18.37 AM


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