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How to turn your iPad into a boombox

November 5, 2010: 12:52 PM ET

Jawbone's latest offering, the Jambox, is a Bluetooth speaker. But that description belies just how badly you'll want one.

There have been two reactions from people that occur without fail during the 12 hours a bright blue Jambox has been sitting on my desk. The first is some form of, "Whoa, what is it?"  I then explain it is a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, and yes, the music that is pumping out of it is streaming from my phone. After that, the second reaction is a quick and direct, "I want one."

How arresting is the Jambox? I had a trio in my office about to pitch me on their latest startup. The CEO, a technology and design pro who has been at some of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley, stopped his pitch in mid-stream.  Like a raccoon drawn to something shiny, he reached out for the speaker. Once we got its purpose established (reaction one), he went quickly to how do I get one? (reaction two).  With that out of the way, he went back to pitching his very cool company. More

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