Review: Samsung Transform on Sprint

October 17, 2010: 11:31 AM ET

The potential is there, the software updates are not.

On paper I like what Samsung is doing with the Android 2.1-powered Transform.  The Transform is a small slider with physical keyboard on Sprint's (S) network.  It is positioned as a midrange Android phone and the hardware isn't as nearly robust as its Epic 4G big brother.  The screen is 3.5-inch 320x480 pixels which compares to an iPhone 3GS and it is a little smaller overall than the Epic.  It feels great in your hand, something that Samsung does very well.

The camera is a 3 MP fixed focus lens with flash and it does have a front facing camera which is typically seen only on high end phones.  Sprint seems to be pushing front facing cameras on their Android phones, including the EVO and Epic.  Like the Epic, it comes with a great physical keyboard as well.  It is hard to fault the look of the phone overall.

The big push on this phone and a few others coming from Sprint this month (LG Optimus and Sanyo Zio) is the new Sprint ID which allows you to download overlays from Sprint rather than having them installed by default.  This is a clever tactic to give people who want a mostly pure Android experience (like me) what they want, but at the same time allow people to customize their phones with carrier/manufacturer skins.

So how does it work in practice?  Not well.


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