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The day Fred Wilson dumped AAPL

April 8, 2011: 8:01 AM ET

The VC at the center of an Android vs. iOS debate bet publicly against Apple two years ago

"I am selling my entire position in Apple this morning including the stock I bought earlier than last fall. My average price on my entire position in Apple is $96, so I'll take a small loss on this and a small gain on the stock I bought during the meltdown last fall."

So wrote Fred Wilson, the managing partner of Union Square Ventures, in his widely read blog A VC, on Jan. 7, 2009. He had gone out to dinner with friends the night before and realized that none of them -- "I mean nobody" -- believed the statements coming out of Apple PR about Steve Jobs' health.  "As good as the company is," he wrote, "I just can't own a stock when I don't believe the company is being straight with investors."

The story of Wilson's decision to dump his Apple (AAPL) shares 27 months ago came up again this week because of two prominent blog posts he has written over the past six months advising app developers to write for Google's (GOOG) Android in preference to Apple's iOS.


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