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Google Voice number porting now official

January 25, 2011: 2:12 PM ET

Last week's preview was no fluke, you can now port your existing phone numbers to Google Voice online.

As I explained in detail last week, the incredibly useful Google (GOOG) Voice is now officially available via a number porting procedure.  That means it is easier to move to Google Voice without having to tell everyone you know, your new number.

Something that Google doesn't explain explicitly, is that with Voice you can change mobile/telephone providers in a matter of seconds without any hassles.  This is especially good for international travelling, 'pay as you go' users and people with multiple phones.

In fact, I predict that Google Voice will enable more people to join the 'pay as you go' ranks.  Consumers, armed with their new portability will have the ability to pick the best carrier for that month.  T-Mobile has a spacial?  Move over there for a few months.  Spending the summer in New York?  Perhaps a new carrier is in order.  Florida for Winter?  Another carrier.  Leaving the country altogether?  Stop paying for service and get your calls for free in Gmail.

Google provides a simple Howto video below:


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