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Apple overtakes Exxon. Most valuable company once again.

August 2, 2013: 6:40 AM ET

Was Apple's $56 July surge a dead cat bounce, or is Cupertino on the comeback trail?

Source: MarketWatch

Link: MarketWatch

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.30.27 AMFORTUNE -- Two years after it first took the crown from Exxon Mobil (XOM), Apple (AAPL) on Thursday reclaimed its title.

It is once again the world's most valuable company by market capitalization (share price times number of shares outstanding).

Apple's market cap was boosted by a $56 (14%) surge in July, a gain that was softened by a stock repurchase plan that reduced its number of outstanding shares in fiscal Q3 by 23.5 million.

Exxon was hurt by falling oil prices and a disappointing earnings report.

The two companies have changed leads many times before. See here, here, here, here, and here,

  • Last chance to buy Apple before it goes ex-dividend

    Shares purchased before the markets close Wednesday May 8 can collect $3.05 apiece.

    FORTUNE -- Apple (AAPL) announced April 23 that it was increasing its stock repurchase plan five-fold and raising its annual dividend 15%.

    The first dividend pay date under the new formula is May 16 for shares on record as of May 13. Which means the stock goes ex-dividend on May 9.

    All that is a long, complicated and unnecessarily obscure MORE

    - May 8, 2013 11:43 AM ET
  • Apple raises $17 billion in record-breaking bond offering

    Its six-part debt issue was immediately oversubscribed.

    FORTUNE -- Steve Jobs didn't like to borrow money. For the nearly 15 years he ran Apple (AAPL) as CEO -- interim or otherwise -- the company was debt-free and, for the last half-dozen years, cash rich.

    But Jobs loved superlatives and nice round numbers with lots of zeroes, and there was much he might have liked about Apple's first venture into the capital markets MORE

    - Apr 30, 2013 3:42 PM ET
  • Apple to start buying Apple

    The stock repurchase plan announced in March begins this week

    FORTUNE -- Almost lost in the news last March 19 that Apple (AAPL) was initiating a $2.65-per-share dividend was Part 2 of the two-part announcement: A three-year $10 billion stock repurchase plan commencing in fiscal 2013, which began on Sunday.

    The repurchase plan -- designed to offset the shares Apple was giving its employees in lieu of larger salaries -- was neither MORE

    - Oct 1, 2012 6:48 AM ET
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