Apple's "Speeds and Feeds" is a preemptive strike

March 4, 2011: 11:40 PM ET

The maestro sets the agenda for the tablet industry...

My colleague Phillip Elmer-DeWitt this morning posted Apple CEO Steve Jobs' closing words from the iPad event earlier this week.  In it, Apple (AAPL) CEO Jobs professed to extoll Apple's post-PC credo.  One particular passage struck  me:

And a lot of folks in this tablet market are rushing in and they're looking at this as the next PC. The hardware and the software are done by different companies. And they're talking about speeds and feeds just like they did with PCs.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of hardware working properly with software and the reverse.  But I think Jobs marrying that idea with a different, defensive one.  He is preemptively striking out at the tablets that are coming out over the next year that will meet and surpass Apple's iPad specs.  He's saying, don't look at those, they don't matter anymore.  They do, and Apple demonstrates this.

Clearly, the passage above is aimed at Google (GOOG) and Android.  Google makes the software and hardware manufacturers make the devices, just like pre-tablet PCs.  Does this model work on phones?  There are more than 350,000 Android people signing up for that model every day (more if you consider Windows Phone 7), so it appears to be working, at least as well as Apple's model. More

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