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The iPhone's secret blindspot, revisited

February 24, 2008: 9:46 AM ET

iphone-at-angle.pngMichael Arrington's post today on Techcrunch describing the promise of an iPhone-only social network -- one that, among other things, could tell you where your friends are and what they're up to at any time -- hits a topic that a Swedish ex-pat named Peter S. Magnusson nailed back on July 1, 2007, three days after the iPhone was released.

His theory: Apple (AAPL) missed a huge opportunity with the original iPhone because, at a fundamental level, Steve Jobs doesn't understand social networks.

Eight months later, there's no evidence out of Cupertino that anything has changed on that front, and Magnusson's thesis is as relevant today as it was then. You can read his original piece here. Below the fold: our July 3 take on it, with a link to the spirited discussion it sparked.


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