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  • Yahoo joins Google OpenSocial alliance

    By Yi-Wyn Yen

    Yahoo has joined Google and MySpace to form the three musketeers of social media. The companies announced Tuesday they are starting the OpenSocial Foundation to create universally-accepted standards for social networking sites and applications.

    Yahoo's endorsement of Google's OpenSocial initiative comes two weeks after MySpace (NWS) opened its doors to developers using the OpenSocial standard. MySpace was the first social networking site to adopt OpenSocial.

    Yahoo (YHOO) did not MORE

    - Mar 25, 2008 4:27 PM ET
  • What Web 2.0 needs to make some money: a 99-cent store

    By Michael V. Copeland

    I was having lunch with Flixster CEO Joe Greenstein the other day when we came to the topic of how to monetize all these widgets that are cropping up like poppies in a Silicon Valley spring.

    Flixster, for those of you who are not Web geeks or film-buffs, is an online community of more than 1 million people focused on movie recommendations and reviews. While it has its MORE

    - Feb 28, 2008 10:52 AM ET
  • MySpace: A place for web developers

    By Jessi Hempel

    At long last, the MySpace Developer Platform is open for business. News Corp's social networking behemoth is launching a dedicated site for developers Tuesday and it will go live to all audiences in a month.

    Says MySpace COO Amit Kapur: "We want to make sure that we build a rich platform for monetization for the developers." That's jargon for the promise that MySpace will make widget-makers money.

    That's a significant MORE

    - Feb 5, 2008 12:09 AM ET
  • The hard side of Mister Softie

    By Josh Quittner

    Ah, Microsoft. Nothing gets the knickers of Silicon Valley startup guys more twisted than signs that the world's largest software company is over-reaching again. The latest outrage? Some of my friends at the Valley's best-known social networks and Web 2.0 companies are privately grousing that emissaries from Redmond are trying to "strong-arm" (their term) startups into giving special treatment to Messenger, Microsoft's (MSFT) answer to AIM and other MORE

    - Jan 18, 2008 6:17 AM ET
  • A Facebook Bill of Rights

    By Josh Quittner

    Yesterday, I considered opting out of Beacon on my Facebook account. I pulled up the Privacy page, and looked at the tick box, which would turn off the controversial feature that broadcasts a user's purchases at participating websites everywhere. But I didn't pull the trigger. It was still on an open tab in my browser this morning.

    Partly, I didn't do it because I was too busy dealing MORE

    - Dec 7, 2007 12:25 PM ET
  • About Face(book)

    On Wednesday, Fortune's David Kirkpatrick weighed in on the latest controversy surrounding Facebook and its new advertising system. While some critics in the media say the social networking site is doomed based on its own mistakes, Kirkpatrick argues that the site will not only survive concerns about violations of members' privacy, but will continue to thrive. What do you think? Are you a Facebook fan or foe?

    - Dec 5, 2007 2:09 PM ET
  • About Face(book)

    From Fortune's David Kirkpatrick:

    "The press rarely grants an autumn reprise for those it loved in the spring," once wrote the great New York Times columnist Russell Baker. How true in the case of Internet-darling-turned-reviled-evildoer Facebook.

    Facebook, the popular social networking site, has ridden the hype curve up and down in recent months, reaching a low MORE

    - Dec 5, 2007 1:55 PM ET
  • Closed is the new open

    By Josh Quittner

    One of the rallying cries of the Web 2.0 movement, during its sensational rise over the past five years, is openness. Open systems (Linux, Wikipedia, any phone you can hack from T-Mobile) are good. Closed systems (Windows, The Wall Street Journal Online, any locked-down cell phone you buy from Verizon) are bad.

    The basic idea is that the Web itself, that Shiva of the business world, is built MORE

    - Nov 25, 2007 12:12 PM ET
  • Andreessen's solution to the writer's strike

    By Josh Quittner

    Marc Andreessen for president. Seriously, I love watching him think. Even when I disagree with his conclusions, I always learn something worthwhile. His heart is in the right place and his brain is without peer. Would someone please start a Facebook group for this?

    In today's post, he argues that if the Hollywood studios don't capitulate to the writers they will effectively destroy their business -- and perhaps, MORE

    - Nov 12, 2007 3:10 PM ET
  • Facebook Ads: What will the kids think?

    By Lindsay Blakely

    Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team spent an entire afternoon Tuesday explaining their new ad strategy to an audience of big-name corporate advertisers and Manhattan media. But as a series of high-profile executives from Blockbuster (BBI), Verizon (VZ), Coca-Cola (KO) and other new Facebook advertisers paraded across the stage, no one talked much about the Achilles heel of Facebook Ads: Facebook members.

    Facebook is letting them control what MORE

    - Nov 7, 2007 11:01 AM ET
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