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Virgin Mobile has the best smartphone deal on the planet

October 27, 2010: 3:29 PM ET

How does an Android 2.1 Qwerty slider with unlimited texts and Internet for $25/month after taxes sound to you?

Samsung USA

Virgin Mobile offers the best smartphone plan I've ever a long shot.  If you pay the full price ($249) for a cheaper Samsung Intercept phone, you can jump on Virgin Mobile's $25/month everything pre-paid with 300 anytime minutes.  The plan comes with Unlimited Messaging, Email & Web.

Yep, that's it.  Finding a smartphone plan under $70/month is difficult, $25/month is unheard of.

For someone who doesn't use their phone to talk a lot but wants a genuine smartphone, this blows away any featurephone out there.

Speaking to Virgin representatives, I can verify this is the real deal.  My main concern was that after spending $250 on the phone, could Virgin up the monthly price in the new year?  They told me that there would be a grandfather clause where you'd continue to be billed at the rate you bought the phone at (but I'd prefer to have that in writing).  I was also told that this is the only Android phone that they'd carry in 2010, but more would likely be on the way, including an Android 2.2-updated Intercept some time in 2011.

If you want more talk minutes Virgin does 1200 minutes for $40 and unlimited for $60.


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