• China shutters two bogus Apple Stores. But not that one

    The fake retail outlet that launched a thousand news stories is still open for business

    There were developments Monday in everybody's favorite story about China's disregard for western intellectual property rights.

    China's official investigation of fake Apple (AAPL) stores in Kunming city -- triggered by the discovery by BirdAbroad of a knock-off so convincing that even some of its employees thought they were working for Steve Jobs -- turned up four similar MORE

    - Jul 25, 2011 6:30 AM ET
  • iPhone 5: See you in September

    Three sources tell Reuters production for the new model will be starting in July or August

    Reuters, a wire service that still maintains extensive bureaus in the Far East, cites "three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain" who say that Apple's (AAPL) next generation iPhone won't ship until September.

    The new phone will be largely the same as the old one, according to Reuters, but will have a faster MORE

    - Apr 20, 2011 5:54 AM ET
  • Our iPad 2 wishlist

    What the rumors about Apple's next tablet are saying, and what we think it has to have to stay competitive with Android and Microsoft Slate.

    Ask people what they think of the iPad, and answers will vary. The word "magical" may be thrown around by some starry-eyed owners. "I don't get it," others will say with a shrug, while still others -- call them cynics, disbelievers, or just plain pragmatists -- MORE

    - Dec 14, 2010 11:28 AM ET
  • iPad 2: New details emerge

    As Apple gears up production, its Asian supply chain has started to sprout leaks

    Two cameras, front and rear. Slimmer. Lighter. A better-resolution display.

    Those are the salient details in a Reuters report Friday describing the next-generation iPad, now entering production for what is presumed to be an April launch.

    The report, datelined Hong Kong and Taipei, cites four unnamed sources who claim to have inside knowledge about five of Apple's (AAPL) suppliers.

    Touchscreen MORE

    - Dec 10, 2010 6:09 AM ET
  • Survey: Only 32% of smartphone owners is loyal to his or her brand

    Even iPhone users expressed a willingness to switch, despite high satisfaction ratings

    UPDATE: The numbers in this report have changed, thanks to reader Dennis Forbes, who got his hands on the original survey results. See here.

    - - -

    More than two thirds of smartphone owners surveyed by a German marketing firm say they may switch to another operating system when they buy their next phone.

    The smartphone that elicited the most loyalty was MORE

    - Nov 29, 2010 7:40 AM ET
  • Reporter roughed up by Apple supplier

    Kicked and dragged for taking photos of a Foxconn plant from a public road in China

    Reuters' report Wednesday about the lengths to which Apple (AAPL) and its suppliers will go to guard Steve Jobs' secrets has everything: metal detectors, fingerprint scanners, product head-fakes, lawsuits, multimillion-dollar fines, a suicide, and employees afraid to breathe a word about what they do, even to their wives.

    But the highpoint of the piece is a MORE

    - Feb 17, 2010 6:35 PM ET
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