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GoogleTV update brings better Netflix, 'Movies' and Voice search

December 15, 2010: 12:02 PM ET

The updates are interesting but aren't likely enough to mainstream the product...yet.

Google (GOOGthis morning announced an update to their GoogleTV software running on Logitech (LOGI) Revue and Sony (SNE) Internet TVs and BluRays.  The updates are significant, but don't address all of the major issues that consumers are having  with the product.

Netflix(NFLX) is now a full client, allowing users to decide what programs to watch rather than only watching what is in their queue. DVD and BluRay delivery by Snail Mail can even be initiated within the app.

Google's TV remote now officially supports search/navigation with Voice Actions, something promised during the introduction of GoogleTV but not delivered in the initial release.


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