FixYa: Apple's phones 3 times more reliable than Samsung's

February 23, 2013: 6:26 AM ET

Also, 5 times more reliable than Nokia's and 27 times more reliable than Motorola's

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FORTUNE -- FixYa, which bills itself as the leading product Q&A destination on the Web and mobile, published a head-to-head comparison Friday of the reliability of four leading smartphone manufacturers: Apple (AAPL), Samsung, Nokia (NOK) and Motorola (GOOG).

The site looked at 722,558 troubleshooting requests, sorted them by manufacturer, calculated the ratio of market share to problem requests, and assigned each vendor a score.

The results are shown in the chart above (the higher score the better). According to FixYa, iPhones are nearly three times more reliable than Samsung's smartphones, five times more than Nokia's and 27 times more than Motorola's.

FixYa also supplied a list of the top five issues for each manufacturer (see below the fold). The biggest complaint about the iPhone, not surprisingly, was its battery life.


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