Google Realtime gets real

August 26, 2010: 5:00 PM ET

The search engine now searches the social web for the latest news, tweets, buzz, feeds...

Google announced Google realtime search today which aims to be a clearinghouse of stream feeds from the past up until the a few seconds ago.  Google (GOOG) also let's you search by particular geographical area down to country, state or even city.

While mostly comprising Twitter feeds (by volume), Google says it is also searching its own Buzz and Blogger products, Facebook (which it has very limited access to), WordPress, Friendfeed, Jaiku and a bunch of other realtime news channels.

Will this bring people out of Facebook and Twitter to search for better information?  I think for the case of Twitter, yes.  Twitter isn't terribly reliable overall and Google is synonymous with search.  Google also has better timeline and Geo tools.  However, Facebook doesn't give Google access to most of its content.  Therefore, if you want to search your social graph, you still need to stick in Facebook.

Visit Google/realtime here.  They've made a handly little video that explains everything which I've embedded below:


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