Chrysler's engineering software shift

June 23, 2010: 9:15 AM ET

The automaker is embracing engineering software from Siemens where it once used Dassault. A case of open vs. closed?

Cars like the 300C will now be designed using Siemens software, not just software from Dassault. Courtesy: Chrysler

Before it hits the road, every car first lives digitally on an automaker's computers, where engineers can keep track of engines, electrical systems and every other detail.

Chrysler, the struggling U.S. automaker that owns the Dodge and Jeep brands, has quietly taken a step away from engineering software market leader Dassault Systemes and signed an important piece of its design business over to rival Siemens, according to sources familiar with the dealings. On its own, the deal is just one big customer making a switch. But Siemens and some other Dassault rivals are hoping it's the beginning of a larger shakeup in the auto engineering software market. More

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