Google and Verizon explain their stance on Net Neutrality (liveblog)

August 9, 2010: 1:17 PM ET

Tune in at 1:30 Eastern time to hear what Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg have to say about Net Neutrality.

The dynamic duo last spoke of their combined thoughts on broadband in March.  In October 2009 Google and Verizon posted their common principals.  Below is their joint filing to the FCC earlier this year.  Google and Verizon will update their public policy blogs: Google and Verizon.  Updated below.

2:10 Call closes.

2:05 Siedenberg uses the example of 3D as something that may go over the Internet or may go over some other platform delivery system.  They don't want to be limited on what the future brings.  Calls Google a 'cookie monster' of data traffic.  Google will continue to use internet protocols.

2:00: Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidenberg are deflecting questions on why this isn't a business arrangement and it actually just a policy announcement.  There are repeated questions on why Google and Verizon are jointly giving this conference.  Both men seem a little standoffish, though Siedenberg seems to be more used to it.

1:50: Schmidt: There is absolutely no business relationship involved with this.  Google will always be an Internet company and focus on open Internet protocols.


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