Palm's Next Act: Pixi

September 9, 2009: 12:19 AM ET
Palm Pixi

Palm Pixi

The clearest indication at whom Palm is aiming its newest smartphone, dubbed Pixi, is the new Facebook application that debuts in the younger, smaller sibling to the Palm Pre. If that is your thing, then perhaps your gadget has arrived.

At a meeting in San Francisco Tuesday afternoon, Palm chairman and CEO Jon Rubinstein kept the Pixi half hidden in the black and orange slipcover that comes with the Pre. The top half of Pixi looks a lot like its older sibling, but when Rubinstein performed the full monty as it were, the device revealed itself as a candy bar-type phone that echoes the Pre's styling without the slide-out keyboard.

Matte black, with the same sticky keys as the Pre, the Pixi is noticeably thinner and a tad smaller than Pre. Slick was my first impression, and still is. When I put my Blackberry Bold down on the table, it looked chunky by comparison. Rubinstein didn't noticeably gloat, but pointed out that Pixi is more than 10% thinner than Apple's iPhone 3GS, and 20% more svelte than any Blackberry device (there is a reason that Pixi is launching at New York's Fashion Week after all). More

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