The end of the phone as we know it

August 20, 2009: 8:00 AM ET

Startups and disruptors (yes, Google) seek to rethink voice calling.

Andy Jagoe is zigging while the rest of the mobile world zags. Let everyone else chase the next hot iPhone app. He's betting the next big thing is a twist on the same old thing: making calls.

He may be right. Jagoe, CEO and co-founder of startup 3jam, is one of several Silicon Valley dreamers who thinks he can reinvent the phone call. And really, let's admit it's in need of some Internet-style innovation. We're in 2009, for crying out loud. Why isn't call forwarding as easy as e-mail forwarding? Why don't your voicemails live in a nifty little online inbox?

Remember web 2.0? It's time for phone 2.0. More

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