Pee Wee Herman

Free advertising: Stephen Colbert and Pee Wee Herman get Apple iPads

February 1, 2010: 6:03 AM ET

Apple's tablet computer makes cameo appearances at the Grammys and on Funny or Die

Colbert at the Grammys. Image: CBS Television

David Pogue and Walt Mossberg, eat your hearts out.

America's premier tech columnists -- at the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, respectively -- are dying to spend some quality time with Steve Jobs' latest creation.

But they're going to have to wait their turn.

First Pee Wee Herman brought what looked like a non-functioning iPad to his Playhouse in a 2-minute skit.

And then, in a triumph of product placement, Stephen Colbert capped his Grammy monologue Sunday night by pulling a live one out from under his belt to read the nominees for Song of the Year.

Both cameos were clever and self-deprecating. Both seemed designed, in part, to defuse the unfortunate association with feminine hygene products.


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