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Map of the day: Apple iPhones in the city, Android in the 'burbs

April 5, 2014: 2:55 AM ET

Android or iOS? That may depend -- more than you know -- on where you live.

Click to enlarge. Source: Patently Apple

Click to enlarge. Source: Patently Apple

FORTUNE -- Do the rich tweet from iPhones and the poor from Androids?

That was Business Insider's takeaway from a graphic of Twitter usage that painted Manhattan island Apple (AAPL) red and Newark, N.J., Google (GOOG) Android green.

Patently Apple's Jack Purcher didn't buy it. And with series of maps like the one above, he made the case Friday that when it comes to mobile operating system preferences, geography, not income, is destiny.

Who's right? You decide. With Mapbox's Web app you can zero in on any part of the world that interests you. I'm in Paris this week, and what Mapbox shows reflects what I'm seeing on the Metro: A decidedly mixed bag.

Source: Mapbox

Paris by Mobile OS. Red = iOS, Green = Android, Purple = BlackBerry. Source: Mapbox

LINK: Mobile Device + Twitter Use

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