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Internet TV: When, dammit?

November 11, 2009: 6:52 AM ET

Hulu touts about TV anytime, anywhere. But hooking your TV to the Net? Crazy talk!

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Funny pages: Hulu offers web video, but doesn't encourage Net TV. Image: Hulu

I had an epiphany early last year when I visited Hulu for an article David Kirkpatrick and I were writing about the unexpectedly successful young venture.

Watching TV shows on Hulu was such a pleasant experience with Hulu that the company should encourage users to connect their PCs to televisions. Technologically it's not a difficult thing to do, but it's not terribly convenient. A PC needs to be near the TV, the remote-control experience isn't good, and so on. I remember Hulu executives smiling kindly at my suggestion but not offering much in the way of feedback.

With hindsight, I see how naive I was. More

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