NYC Prep

Privileged teens and their digital toys

July 17, 2009: 1:03 PM ET

Why the Kids of NYC Prep brandish BlackBlackberrys

"We all have BlackBerrys, that's so New York," says high-school student Camille, in an episode of Bravo latest reality hit, NYC Prep. The show, a summer series that follows six teens at ritzy New York schools, has sparked a firestorm of online gossip. One recurring question: what are teens today doing with Research in Motion's (RIMM) gadget that is designed for corporate professionals three times their age?

The teens of NYC Prep

The teens of NYC Prep

Mobile web perks like 24/7 email or virtual calendars are hardly relevant to high schoolers: Instead, these teens say they use the phone most frequently for text messaging, which has largely overtaken phone calls among the younger set. More

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