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Facebook Groups: You saw it here first

October 11, 2010: 1:01 PM ET

Facebook's "Groups" refresh takes a slide from one participant in Fortune's privacy redesign bake-off.

A new Facebook Group. Photo: Facebook/Daniel Chai

When Facebook Groups launches, users will have more control over privacy and sharing with the ability to grant subcircles of friends customized access to post updates and media without the need for friends' approval or confirmation.

Privacy issues aside, we applaud Facebook for giving its hundreds of millions of users these new features. But if eagle-eyed Fortune readers recall, we proposed the idea of a Groups-like feature months ago. Back in May, we approached several notable user-interface designers to offer mockups aimed at simplifying what some viewed as Facebook's then-obtused privacy settings.

One proposal in particular, from inspireUX designer Catriona Cornett stood out, not just for its thoroughness, but also for its prescience. Cornett offered a comprehensive redesign that included features similar to what Facebook Groups will offer, letting users designate who can view what based on group lists and settings. We revisited Cornett's proposal and included the highlights here. More

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