Net Applications

  • Mac share grew after Windows 7 debut

    Microsoft has not halted Apple's momentum, according to Net Applications' October report

    If Microsoft (MSFT) was hoping that the launch of Windows 7 would halt the erosion of its operating system market share -- and curb further inroads by Apple (AAPL)  -- there is no evidence that it's working yet.

    In fact, preliminary data released overnight Sunday by Net Applications show Mac OS X's Internet share growing by 2.73% in October, from MORE

    - Nov 1, 2009 7:48 AM ET
  • Mac's Internet share grew 5% in Sept.

    Apple's (AAPL) share of global Internet traffic is just a thin green slice in a great pie of Microsoft (MSFT) blue, but that slice grew more than 5% last month as Windows' share fell -- as it has for eight of the last 12 months -- according to data released overnight Thursday by Net Applications.

    The Mac's share in September, as measured by the Net metrics firm, was 5.12% -- up MORE

    - Oct 1, 2009 1:27 PM ET
  • Net Applications: Apple just lost half its 'market share'

    The so-called market share reports issued every month by Net Applications have long been controversial -- mostly because they didn't actually measure market share (which business people typically express as the number of widgets they sell in a given period divided by the total number of widgets sold).

    What Net Applications did instead was sample data from browsers visiting their clients' websites and report what percentage came from machines running Windows, MORE

    - Aug 2, 2009 8:07 AM ET
  • iPod touch Net share grew 36% in April

    The growing popularity of the iPod touch -- Apple's (AAPL) iPhone without the phone -- finally registered in the Internet market share data gathered every month by Net Applications.

    Stuck for three months running with a 0.11% share of Web traffic, the iPod touch's share in April jumped to 0.15% -- a 36% increase in one month, according to preliminary data released overnight Friday. See the chart below:

    The iPhone also gained MORE

    - May 1, 2009 3:41 PM ET
  • Competitors gaining on the iPhone

    Apple's (AAPL) iPhone still has what Net Applications describes as a "commanding lead" in the smartphone search market, but its competitors are gaining fast, according to preliminary data issued overnight Tuesday.

    When Net Applications issued its first survey of this market last month, it reported that nearly two out of every three Web searches conducted from a mobile phone in February were made from an iPhone. As Net Applications measures it MORE

    - Apr 1, 2009 8:37 AM ET
  • Apple's Net share slipped in February

    The numbers are still in flux, but preliminary figures released Sunday morning by Net Applications show Apple's (AAPL) Internet market share dropping a couple percent in February.

    One chart shows Mac OS X with a 9.61% share, down from 9.93% in January. Another puts the share at 9.71%, down 2.22% for the month. The latter seems consistent with other data in the report and is likely to withstand review.

    In a separate MORE

    - Mar 1, 2009 10:58 AM ET
  • Report: iPhone has "commanding lead" on Web

    Here's some news that should brighten Steve Jobs' day.

    The Web metrics firm Net Applications issued its first survey of the mobile search market overnight Sunday, and Apple's (AAPL) iPhone emerged with what the report describes as a "commanding lead." (link)

    As Net Applications measures it -- a big caveat (see below) --  nearly 2/3 of  Web searches conducted on a mobile device in the month of February were made from an MORE

    - Mar 1, 2009 10:57 AM ET
  • Apple starts 2009 with strong Net gains

    Apple (AAPL) consolidated its 2008 holiday Internet market-share gains with strong performances from the Mac, iPhone and iPod touch in January, according to preliminary data issued overnight Sunday by Net Applications.

    The Web metrics company had warned last month that residential usage during the holiday season might skew results in favor of Apple products like the Mac, which tend to get used more in the home than the office.

    But the Mac's MORE

    - Feb 1, 2009 8:21 AM ET
  • Tracking the iPhone's jagged growth

    The rise of the iPhone, like the course of true love, never did run smooth.

    Quarterly sales last year varied widely, from a low of 720,000 in June to a high of 6,890,000 in September following the release of the iPhone 3G.

    But that's nothing compared with the weird patterns that emerge from data collected by Net Applications, a Web metrics firm that tracks hits to its clients' websites on a daily MORE

    - Jan 13, 2009 10:00 AM ET
  • iPod touch use "exploded" Christmas day

    Did Apple's (AAPL) unrelenting advertising campaign for the iPod touch as a game machine  ("The funnest iPod ever") pay off this holiday season?

    Indirect data from two Web-based sources suggest it did -- big time.

    Net Applications (a Web metrics firm), and AdMob (a mobile Web ad network) both produced graphs last week with sharp Christmas day spikes of the kind you usually see only from runaway hits.

    "iPod Touch requests on MORE

    - Jan 10, 2009 11:44 AM ET
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