Mythbusters: Google attempts explain Net Neutrality viewpoint

August 13, 2010: 11:11 AM ET

Just about everyone has an opinion on this, now Google fires back at the perceived "myths."

Image Credit: Mythbusters

Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel for Google (GOOG), today posted a six-part Myth/Fact sheet which attempts to "separate fact from fiction."

  1. MYTH: Google has "sold out" on network neutrality.
  2. MYTH: This proposal represents a step backwards for the open Internet.
  3. MYTH: This proposal would eliminate network neutrality over wireless.
  4. MYTH: This proposal will allow broadband providers to "cannibalize" the public Internet.
  5. MYTH: Google is working with Verizon on this because of Android.
  6. MYTH: Two corporations legislating the future of the Internet.

The controversy started last week when the New York Times reported that Google and Verizon (VZ) had worked out a deal to bring tiered pricing to Internet services over wired and wireless networks. Google and Verizon both refuted the Times' claims and had a joint press conference on the matter. That hasn't helped matters.

Google's proposal was also backed by "Father of the Internet" and Google Employee Vint Cerf earlier this week but has just about every other consumer up in arms, including multiple action groups like MoveOn.

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