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Apple offers music pirates permanent amnesty for $24.99

June 7, 2011: 7:16 AM ET

Steve Jobs' master plan to draw a generation raised on stolen music into the iTunes store

Image: Apple Inc. Click to enlarge.

Of the 5,364 items in my iTunes music library, 143 are songs I purchased on Apple's (AAPL) iTunes store. The vast majority were ripped from my old CD collection. A few were obtained by other means.

My children have even larger digital music collections that they store on iTunes and play on their Apple devices. I venture to guess that like most kids their age, the vast majority of their music came, directly or via friends, from pirate sites. When I offer to gift them iTunes music, they tell me thanks, but no thanks. It's not worth the hassle.

As I understand it, the iCloud service Steve Jobs introduced Monday -- especially the feature called iTunes Match -- is a bid to change that dynamic.


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