Motorola XOOM Wifi available March 27th for $599

March 16, 2011: 10:58 AM ET

Motorola should have released this a month ago.

XOOM via Motorola (AMZN), Best Buy (BBY), Costco (COST), RadioShack (RSH), Sam's Club, Staples(SPLS) and Walmart (WMT) will all be selling the Motorola (MMI) XOOM on March 27th, Motorola announced today.  The $599, 32GB tablet matches up with Apple's(AAPL) 32GB Wifi iPad on price but offers some interesting differentiators:

  • It will have the ability to play Adobe's (ADBE)Flash when it is launched on Friday
  • It will be able to play 720P HD movies without scaling because the XOOM screen is bigger and has more pixels
  • Better front and rear cameras (or so says Macworld)
  • Better Maps software included
  • Voice Commands and navigation
  • Obviously better Google account integration

The iPad on the other hand is thinner, lighter and has Apple's famed hardware/software integration.  Apple also has the marketing money and product placement people to make sure everyone knows about the iPad 2. More

  • Motorola XOOM gets Flash next week

    The XOOM software experience seems to be coming piecemeal.

    Motorola's (MMI) XOOM, by most accounts, would be the best tablet you could buy right now if it weren't for Apple's (AAPL) year+ lead in building ARM-based experiences.  That being said, Motorola does offer some advantages over the product from Cupertino.  One of these advantages is the ability to play Flash on a 10-inch screen.  Unfortunately for Motorola and Google (GOOG), that MORE

    - Mar 11, 2011 11:13 AM ET
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