Motorola to Charm the pants off of Blackberry users?

July 7, 2010: 1:38 PM ET

Motorola today revealed a new Blackberry look-alike Android phone for T-Mobile  called 'Charm'.

The Charm is a new Android 2.1-powered smartphone that will appeal to low to mid range Blackberry users.  The device has a 2.8-inch (320x480?) touchscreen display, 3 megapixel camera, and all of the Wifi and Bluetooth pre-reqs that you could want in a mid-level smartphone.

It also has in-call noise cancellation, which is typically only found in high end Smartphones like the iPhone or Nexus One.  If you look at the screenshots that Motorola provides, right, it appears that Motorola is going after the recently-killed Kin Social Media addict audience with this particular implementation of Motoblur 'enhancements'.

Morotola (MOT) also mentions some sort of Adobe (ADBE) Flash compatibility, as well as a trackpad in the back, just like the lackluster AT&T (T) Backflip.

Speaking of AT&T, the smaller, inexpensive Charm will certainly compete with one of my favorite little Android devices, the HTC Aria.

This isn't Motorola's first attempt to build a Blackberry form-factor device.   The Motorola Q, released in 2006 (woops, it is still available!) ran Windows Mobile but never really took off.

Motorola isn't the only one hoping Android OS will woo more Blackberry converts. Samsung is also courting that market with upcoming Android devices.

For Crackberry addicts who absolutely must have a physical keyboard, love social networks, and like the other benefits that Android offers, this is a pretty tempting deal, so long as T-Mobile offers low cost data plans, like the ones AT&T has recently introduced.  Motorola only says that the Charm will be available 'this summer'.

Motorola Charm press release pasted below:


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