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Google tries to reel in Android carriers, can't catch a break

March 31, 2011: 4:25 PM ET

Google tries to clean up Android, telling carriers and manufacturers that they can't get too crazy with their modifications. So it gets whacked by pundits. Damned if you do...?

It's hard for Andy Rubin and his Android creation to catch a fair break.  Partnering with just about every carrier and smartphone manufacturer, Android has come from nowhere to be the dominant OS in the smartphone industry in under three years.  Windows Mobile was scrapped, Symbian was cut and now Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 are in a fight to gain some pittance of market share against the surging Android.

Android's growth has even made Apple's iPhone, which continues to grow in numbers, flat in market share.

When I go into a Best Buy (BBY) nowadays, I see about 40 Android devices next to a few feature phones, an odd BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7 and a few iPhones.  Walk into a Radio Shack or most U.S. carrier showrooms and you'll see the same thing.

So you'd think the news would constantly be on what Android is doing right?

That's hardly the case. More

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