Mobclix: Android users are young and they like physical keyboards

November 17, 2010: 3:18 PM ET

Data from over a thousand Mobclix users last month shows some interesting demographics on Android users.

Probably the most interesting stat in the Mobclix survey is that a minority of Android owners prefer a touch screen to a physical keyboard.  That means there is still significant money to be made with slider phones and new devices like the Droid Pro, which have BlackBerry-like keyboards.  Perhaps that is an overlooked reason behind Android's success versus Apple's iPhone.

The list:

  • 60% are under 34, another 30% are 34-49 (seniors don't appear to be big Android users)
  • 8% of the users surveyed switched from an iPhone, 45% switched from a feature phone.
  • Email is still the biggest activity with 37%, Games are 21% while Maps are 8% (browsing?)
  • Only 46% of Android users prefer a touch screen over a keyboard.  That means physical keyboard users are still a significant market for Android phones.
  • Android users spend 1/7th of what iPhone owners spend on in-app purchases. iPhone owners have an average of 28 installed apps vs. Android users who have 17 installed.
  • Android owners are twice as likely to make payments on their devices as other smartphone owners
  • The top 3 games are Angry Birds, Solitaire and Jewels

The survey was done with 1,052 Mobclix ad users during October in the U.S.  Check out the graphic below:


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