Matt Richtel

Fast times at iPhone High

November 21, 2010: 7:19 AM ET

The New York Times paints two very different pictures of a Silicon Valley high school

Source: The New York Times

Matt Richtel's 4,000-word story on the front page of Sunday's New York Times -- part of the paper's Your Brain on Computers series -- reads like an indictment of a generation driven to distraction by shiny gadgets, their minds permanently rewired by too much time spent texting, networking, surfing the Web and playing video games.

The 7:45-minute video Richtel made to accompany the piece, by contrast, is a story of redemption through technology, in which Vishal Singh -- the 17-year-old in the lead of the newspaper story who can't stay focused long enough to read "Cat's Cradle" -- finds his true calling as a filmmaker on an iMac running Final Cut Pro.

"Do I worry about a student like Vishal?" says Woodside High School principal David Reilly to the camera. "I don't. He is going to turn out just fine."


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