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13 ways of looking at an iPad

March 23, 2010: 11:06 AM ET

Wired taps a baker's dozen of the "brightest tech minds" to mark the rise of the tablet

Source: Wired magazine

"With the iPad," writes Steven Levy in How the Tablet Will Change the World, "Apple is making its play to become the center of a post-PC era."

Levy argues that the conventions underlying today's personal computers -- the graphical user interface, the shrink-wrapped boxes of software -- were forged 40 and 50 year ago.

What we are entering now, he writes, is a world of downloadable apps, instant micropayments and machines on which we'll perform ever more complicated tasks "by rolling, tapping, and drumming our fingers on screens, like pianists tickling the ivories."

Levy's piece is the intro to Wired's current cover package, Rise of the Machines!, and the prelude to a string of commentary about Apple's (AAPL) latest creation by what it bills as some of the brightest minds in tech -- including a TV hostess, a fake CEO and a man who has been dead for 30 years.

A sampling of what they had to say:


  • Karl Rove loves his iPhone

    This was a week for unsoliticited celebrity Apple (AAPL) endorsements.

    First there was Charlie Rose, falling on his face to save his MacBook Air. Then Martha Stewart, posing her French bulldog Sharkey in front of the "razor-thin" machine.

    And now, via, former Bush political advisor Karl Rove. Here he is, interviewed by Matthew Sheffield, talking about his iPhone and his MacBook Air:

    NB: All right, I've got just one more quick question MORE

    - Mar 23, 2008 6:56 AM ET
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