Mark Fiore

The press turns sour on Apple

April 16, 2010: 7:21 AM ET

Journalism organizations discover -- belatedly -- that Steve Jobs is a control freak

Cartoon: Mark Fiore

"It's time for the press to push back at Apple," reads the headline of Ryan Chittum's clarion call in Thursday's Columbia Journalism Review.

"Apple Wants to Own You," warns Slate's media critic Jack Shafer. "Welcome to our velvet prison, say the boys and girls from Cupertino."

"What's insane," Shafer continues, riffing on Apple's (AAPL) old "insanely great" marketing gimmick, "is the perimeter mines, tank traps, revetments, and glacis [Steve Jobs has] deployed around these shiny devices to slow software developers to a crawl so he can funnel them through his rapacious toll booth and collect a sweet vig before he'll let their programs run on your new iDevice."

What's got these writers' knickers in a twist is the news -- first reported by Laura McGann at the Nieman Journalism Lab -- that Apple had rejected an iPhone app submitted by Mark Fiore, who won a Pulitzer Prize Monday for his online political cartoons. (For samples of his work, see here.)


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