iPhone switchers: Blodget in, Arrington out

July 31, 2009: 10:02 AM ET
Blodget's iPhone

Henry Blodget. Photo: SAI

This has been busy season for celebrity iPhone switching -- and I'm not talking about Britney, Ashton or Branjelina. No, these are tech celebrities, the kind of people who tend to dominate Techmeme's list of the most-influential pundits and bloggers.

Om Malik, the New Delhi-born founder and executive editor of GigaOm (No. 17 on the Techmeme Leaderboard), kicked things off back in February when he announced that he was giving up his beloved iPhone. It wasn't Apple's (AAPL) fault, he wrote in My Big iPhone Break-Up. "I love my iPhone. But AT&T's (T) network has failed me." After AT&T dropped him twice during a single phone interview he said "enough is enough" and switched within minutes to T-Mobile (DT) and a Blackberry Curve 8900.

Two weeks ago, Henry Blodget went the other way. In How I Ended My Affair With BlackBerry And Eloped With The iPhone the former high-profile tech analyst and founder of Silicon Alley Insider (Techmeme No. 30) described the breakup in almost embarrassing detail, including the confession that it involved setting foot in an Apple store for the very first time. "It's like entering another world," he wrote -- a revelation that sent the newly revived Fake Steve Jobs into paroxisms of disbelief: More

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