Video: The last time Steve Jobs came back to Apple

June 30, 2009: 12:00 PM ET

MacHeads: Steve Jobs 1998 keynoteTo celebrate Steve Jobs' official return to Apple (AAPL) this week, Kobi Shely has posted a YouTube clip from MacHEADS, his 54-minute "fanboy documentary" on the cult surrounding the company and its charismatic CEO.

Shely wrote, directed, co-produced and edited the film. The 2-minute 22-second segment he selected is centered around the return of Jobs to Apple in Dec. 1996 after he was ousted in a boardroom coup nearly a dozen years earlier.

The clip includes rare footage from the July 1998 keynote in which a younger, chubbier Jobs announces Apple's return to profitability and introduces the first iMac.


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