Louis Rukeyser

What Steve Jobs said about Apple in the spring of '96

September 18, 2011: 2:31 PM ET

A rare glimpse at what he had in mind for the company nine months before his return

Source: Wall $treet Week

The spring and summer of 1996 was an important period of transition for Steve Jobs. Pixar, which had gone public the previous November, had lost half its market cap. NeXT was collapsing. And in a matter of months Jobs would sell what was left of the company -- its NextSTEP operating system -- to Apple (AAPL), where it became the foundation of OS X.

The late Louis Rukeyser had no way of knowing what was brewing when he invited Jobs to appear on PBS' Wall $treet Week that spring. In retrospect, his first question seems almost comically beside the point: "What can we expect next ... from Pixar?"

But his second question is a doozy:


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