What is MySpace now: an empty space?

October 11, 2010: 12:28 PM ET

The new logo could be a way for users to see their best selves in the soon to be rebooted social network. Or it could lead them to see nothing at all.

Late last week, the new MySpace logo was unveiled at the Warm Gun Design conference in San Francisco: the word "my" in a sans serif font (presumably Helvetica) followed by a bracketed underscore representing a space. Get it?

"MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we've decided to give them the space to do it," said MySpace VP of User Experience Mike Macadaan during the event. According to reports, the space will fill with random user-generated art when someone hovers over the logo, but will remain blank otherwise.

Our initial reaction: huh? Props to the social network, owned by parent company News Corp., (NWS) for pushing the creative envelope -- that's arguably the social network's best move if it hopes to turn things around -- but having an almost entirely blank logo (for the most part) sounds like a bad idea, like a desperate notepad scribble during a late night brainstorm session that was never intended to be the final product. More

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