Liver transplant

Steve Jobs: 'I was almost one of the ones that died waiting for a liver'

March 19, 2010: 7:36 PM ET

A year later, he talks about the liver transplant operation that saved his life.

Credit: San Jose Mercury News video

"I was lucky," said Steve Jobs in brief remarks Friday in support of a new California organ donation bill. "Because many others died waiting for a transplant."

After being introduced as "the Steve" by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Apple's (AAPL) CEO spoke for only the second time in public about the liver transplant he received in great secrecy last year, answering in the process several of the questions that swirled around the operation at the time -- including when it happened and why it happened in Memphis.

"I was receiving great care here in Stanford," he said, "but there were simply not enough livers to go around. And my doctors here advised me to enroll in a transplant program in Memphis, Tenn., where the supply/demand ratio is more favorable than it is here in California. And I was lucky enough to get a liver in time. As a matter of fact, this coming week is my one year anniversary."

A video of the event is available here through the San Jose Mercury News and posted below the fold.


  • Steve Jobs' surgeon talks, again

    Dr. James Eason, the surgeon who performed Steve Jobs' liver transplant earlier this year, came close to -- but did not actually confirm -- that Jobs' cancer had spread to his liver.

    It was Dr. Eason who, with his patient's permission, issued a four-paragraph statement in June confirming reports that Apple's (AAPL) CEO had received a new liver. Eason, the head of transplantation at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, also revealed MORE

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  • Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and Apple's share price

    As I see it, Apple's crack public relations team stage-managed the news last week of Steve Jobs' liver transplant pretty well on its own, somehow making it appear in the Wall Street Journal after the markets had closed for the weekend and in the middle of what was probably the company's biggest product release of the year.

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  • Steve Jobs: The sickest patient on the waiting list

    After three days of ducking the press -- and telling the Wall Street Journal that Steve Jobs was not listed as a patient there -- Methodist University Hospital in Memphis finally admitted Tuesday that Jobs did in fact receive a new liver at their transplant facility.

    It the process, the faith-based hospital revealed more than we knew about just how sick Apple's (AAPL) CEO had been.

    With Jobs' permission, Methodist's chief transplant surgeon, MORE

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  • Inside Steve Jobs' liver transplant

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