Apple taps 'Puddy' to attack Windows 7

August 25, 2009: 7:22 AM ET
Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.

After a hiatus of three and a half months without a new TV ad, Apple (AAPL) broke out a pair of fresh "Get a Mac" spots Monday night to soften the ground for the next operating system war with Microsoft (MSFT).

Earlier that day, Apple had announced that it was shipping the newest version of its flagship Macintosh OS -- Snow Leopard -- on Friday, nearly two months before the scheduled release of Windows 7.

"Top of the Line" and "Surprise" zero in on one of the main differences between the two systems -- the profusion of viruses and other malware in Windows and the lack thereof in Mac OS X.


  • Mac vs. PC: Microsoft lowers the bar to $700

    It's been three and a half months since Microsoft (MSFT) put owners of Apple (AAPL) computers on the defensive with the first (and perhaps the best) "Laptop Hunters" ad -- the one featuring a perky actress named Lauren who does a price comparison and decides she's "just not cool enough to be a Mac person."

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