Christmas tweets: 'got iPad' clobbered 'got Note' and 'got Kindle'

December 28, 2013: 2:52 PM ET

In a Topsy search of holiday tweets, Microsoft's Surface barely moved the needle.

Click to enlarge.

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FORTUNE -- Here's an early indicator of how Christmas tablet sales went, via Topsy Analytics.

Topsy's Twitter search engine will count tweets for whatever phrases you enter. To get a feel for how Apple's (AAPL) iPad did against Samsung's Galaxy Note, Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle, and Microsoft's (MSFT) Surface, I ran the following search with the following results:

got iPad: 120,608
got Note: 46,617 (may include some false positives)
got Kindle: 15,566
got Surface: 4,177 (not shows in attached chart)

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