K.R. Sridhar

Bloom box debut: More IPO than CO2

February 25, 2010: 12:10 PM ET

The long-awaited unveiling may have another goal in mind: to fuel investors' appetite for a public offering.

By Paul Keegan, contributor

A Bloom Box in the process of being installed

It was an awesome spectacle as product launches go: Speeches by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Powell, a panel of top executives from Google, eBay, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Coca-Cola, and Cox Enterprises, video messages from Diane Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg, a heart-tugging slide show about saving the planet, and finally, after eight years and $400 million raised, the unveiling of the Holy Grail in a box -- clean, inexpensive full-cell energy!

"I would like to introduce to you the Bloom Energy Server," said Bloom CEO K.R. Sridhar to applause yesterday as colored lights bounced off the hulking black box on stage. "This is my baby, isn't she beautiful?"

So did they pull it off? Does the Bloom box live up to its hype? Let's let board member Colin Powell answer. He promised his wife he would install one of the energy-saving devices in their home instead of a conventional generator, he said, adding, "She's still waiting."

So are we.


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