John Markoff

Steve Jobs: The best of the obits

October 6, 2011: 9:55 AM ET

A few gems among the flood of tributes

Source: Apple Inc.

If you have time for only one story about the life and death of Steve Jobs, read Steve Levy's 5,000-word tribute in

Levy, who covered Apple (AAPL) for MacWorld and Newsweek for most of his long career, has mined his notebooks of three decades of quotes and anecdotes and insights into what made Jobs tick. He writes:

If Jobs were not so talented, if he were not so visionary, if he were not so canny in determining where others had failed in producing great products and what was necessary to succeed, his pushiness and imperiousness would have made him a figure of mockery.

But Steve Jobs was that talented, visionary and determined. He combined an innate understanding of technology with an almost supernatural sense of what customers would respond to. His conviction that design should be central to his products not only produced successes in the marketplace but elevated design in general, not just in consumer electronics but everything that aspires to the high end.

Below: A few gems from other notable remembrances:


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