John Dvorak

Why did Steve Jobs choose this week to step down?

August 26, 2011: 7:03 AM ET

The simplest and most plausible explanation comes from, of all people, John Dvorak

Cook and Jobs

One of the mysteries surrounding Steve Jobs' decision to hand the CEO title over to Tim Cook is its timing.

The assumption underlying most of the commentary these past two days is that Jobs must be really really sick -- which is understandable given the wording of his letter of resignation. But is he that much sicker this week than he was last week? Or last month? He's clearly not on his deathbed. By several accounts he spent much of the past two days at Apple (AAPL) headquarters.

In his "Second Opinion" column for the San Francisco Examiner, John Dvorak -- a man whose penchant for contrariness led him to suggest in 1984 that nobody would want to use a mouse to control a computer and in 2007 that Apple "pull the plug" on the iPhone before it's too late -- offers a simpler, more logical explanation.

"The reason," he wrote, "is Tim Cook."  The key paragraphs:


  • Mouse vs. Magic Trackpad

    You won't take mice away from some users until you pry them from their cold dead hands

    I'm old enough to remember the anger and derision with which keyboarders greeted the new-fangled pointing devices Apple (AAPL) introduced to the mass market with the Lisa and the Mac. "There is no evidence," John Dvorak famously wrote in his 1984 review of the Macintosh, "that people want to use these things."

    More than 25 MORE

    - Jul 28, 2010 8:37 AM ET
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