Joe Zeff

Why iPad mags cost $4.99 each

April 30, 2010: 6:43 AM ET

Because that's what the market will bear -- at least for now

If you buy the digital editions of Popular Science or TIME Magazine on the iPad, they cost $4.99 each -- same as on the newsstand.

However, one-year subscriptions to Popular Science (the paper magazine) are currently selling for $12 -- or $1 an issue. And TIME subscriptions can be had for $20 -- around 35¢ an issue.

That disconnect was one of the topics addressed Thursday at Tabula Rasa NYC, a day-long "creative throwdown on tablet computing" hosted by WeMedia.

"We're trying to make our readers not feel like we're slapping them in the face as we explore this new world," said Popular Science editor-in-chief Mark Jannot, who demonstrated the latest iPad edition of his magazine to a roomful of developers, designers and business strategists. "But we're going to continue to be aggressive about pricing. We'll see what the market will bear."

So far it seems to be bearing up for Jannot.


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