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Google responds to Steve Jobs' activation counting accusations

September 1, 2010: 4:47 PM ET

At the Apple Event today, Steve Jobs slipped some jabs Google's way but also lauded AppleTV's ability to play YouTube.

There is not much news for Google watchers at Apple events these days and what there is is usually bad.  Steve Jobs started off the presentation today saying that Apple was activating 230,000 devices a day.  Google's Eric Schmidt last month said that Google was activating over 200,000 devices a day and growing.  But Steve Jobs can't believe those numbers are legit.  He told the event audience that:

"We think some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers"

That's obviously a direct accusation aimed at Google.  He added, " we think we are ahead of everyone".

Updated: A Google Spokesperson told me: "The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services."  --meaning that Jobs' assertions were wrong.


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