Readying infotech for the coming M&A wave

January 7, 2010: 10:00 AM ET

The deal guys stand ready to merge your company. But how about the IT department?

By Nan J. Morrison, senior executive, IT strategy and transformation group, Accenture

Morrison offers a plan for making sure IT integration in a merger goes smoothly. Photo: Accenture.

As the economy recovers, many analysts expect many corporations to go on a buying spree, gobbling up weak competitors or expanding into new businesses.

The problem? There's a strong chance the would-be acquirers are not as ready as they think. While they may have the strategy, the resources and the will to make an acquisition bid, it's quite likely that their IT organizations may not be in the shape needed for the deal to quickly generate large synergies.

According to Accenture research, nearly 40% of C-level executives point to the weakness in combining IT operations are as a primary reason for M&A integration failures. More

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